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Recommended Calculators

I am a strong proponent of mental arithmetic, sometimes faster than reaching for a calculator and I teach students quick methods to improve their skills.

However, calculators are an essential tool, not only for complex calculations but as a method for checking answers. I show students how to get the most out of their calculators to save time and mitigate careless mistakes in their working.

I find Casio calculators the most intuitive to use and so have focused on their models below.



fx-83GTX - Scientific calculator, minimum requirement for GCSEs.

                      fx-85GTX - solar version with same functionality

fx-991EX   - My recommendation (fx-991ES PLUS is very similar & also suitable)

                       Scientific calculator

                       Extra modes allow checking of answers. 

                       Particularly worthwhile if student is likely to study maths at A Level

A Level

Casio fx-9860GII

fx-991EX    - Scientific calculator. Minimum requirement for A levels

fx-9750GII - Graphics calculator. Limitation is the in line maths representation.

                        Features that save time and enable students to check answers

                        Less intuitive and easy to use compared to fx-9860GII

fx-9860GII - My recommendation in terms of ease of use and functionality.

                        Graphics calculator  (do not need SD version)

                        Features that save time and enable students to check answers

                        Vector calculation and geometry features in addition to fx-9750 features

fx-CG50     - Graphics calculator with additional features that are not needed for A level

                       Fast processor and colour display

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