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Post graduation I spent 17 years working in telecommunications, the majority at Nokia. There, I specialised in digital ASIC design and digital signal processing and was granted several patents. 

I moved into technical management, leading the electronics, systems and camera developments for Nokia's first 3G camera phone.


I always loved maths at school, largely due to an inspirational teacher, and took maths and further maths at A level. I read Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Imperial College, London & so studied advanced mathematics for a further two years. 



I started tutoring maths by a happy accident in 2004. A neighbour was looking for a maths tutor for her twin sons who had been forecast Bs in their GCSE's. I volunteered to help and they both gained high A*. I coached them (& classmates they referred) through A level studies where they again excelled (average marks > 90%). Both now have 1st class maths degrees from Russell Group universities.

Since moving to the New Forest in 2008 I have focused on tutoring. I have worked with over 80 students the majority of whom have exceeded their predicted grades, often significantly. Its so satisfying to see a student, predicted an F, gain a C and the consequential boost in self esteem.


Students, while largely from local schools and colleges, have included a 30 year old, who successfully got his maths GCSE while holding down a full time job. I have also worked with statemented students (dyslexia & ADHD).

East Boldre Community Stores

Since Jan 2019 I have been part of a team working to save our village shop which is under threat of closure. Read more about out plans to establish a community run business in community owned premises here.

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