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Confidence is key!

Confidence is key to success in Maths. Too often students doubt their ability and don't even attempt a question.  When persuaded to try they can often identify the first step correctly and the solution follows from there.

Alternatively, they may have failed to grasp a key issue at some point and maths lessons since have seemed like a foreign language, denting their belief in their abilities and self esteem. By first identifying what they can do (their foundations) we work forward step by step, each success rebuilding their confidence.

Many students make careless mistakes. I focus on structured working methods & techniques for checking answers so that errors can be spotted & fixed - nothing boosts confidence as much as earning full marks.

Students are encouraged to explore ideas and to just try - wrong answers are learning opportunities not failures!

I love turning "I don't know" into "Wait, don't tell me, I can do this".


I provide maths tuition from key stage 2 though to A level:

  • GCSE and iGCSE

  • AS/A level (including further maths).
  • MAT, STEP & Test of Mathematics for Univ. admission
  • 11+ and Common Entrance Exam.

  • BTEC

  • US SATs for those wishing to study at US universities

I teach from home where I can provide a distraction free environment and have access to a variety of textbooks and online resources. 

I offer regular weekly or fortnightly lessons, ad hoc lessons to address specific topics or pre-exam sessions​ where the focus is on consolidating knowledge and exam technique.

Maths tutor - WhatsApp support

​I offer regular students WhatsApp support. Send me a problem question - I reply with a worked answer - usually same day.


This helps to maintain momentum in their studies and addresses problems before they erode a student's confidence.

Every student is unique

Different students require different approaches to learning. The obvious benefit of 1:1 tutoring is that teaching methods and the pace of the lesson can be adapted to suit each student's preferred learning styles and ability.

Students take the lead in identifying the topics they want to focus on so they own the content of the lesson - truly customised to them.

Lessons explore different ways of solving a particular problem to find the method that best suits each student. If they already have methods that work for them, we use them as a starting point when tackling more advanced topics to avoid confusion and build on what they already understand.

While lessons are kept light-hearted, I push students with questions at the limits of their ability to help them progress and achieve their full potential.

Lesson Times and Prices

In general, the older the student the longer their attention span, so I recommend the following lesson lengths based on school year. Of course, its up to you.

Individual Lessons


Year 3 - year 6                      45 mins                   £24

Year 7 - Year 11                    60 mins                   £30

Year 12+                                 90 mins                   £42

Group lesson (group of 2 same year & exam)

Year 10+                                  90 mins                  £48  


"I was a B student, in the second set. Rebecca tutored me for 3 years through GCSE's (A*) and A levels (97% overall). Her love of maths is catching - I'm now studying it at Exeter".

“Rebecca has tutored two of our children. She has made a huge difference to their understanding and helped them to reach the results they required. Thoroughly charming and professional, I would have no hesitation recommending her."

"When I started my A level studies I was near the bottom of the class.  Rebecca's clear, methodical explanations ensured I not only kept up but started to place in the top 3 students. Thanks for all your help with everything, I'm really proud of my A in maths."

"I was forecast an E in Maths GCSE.  Rebecca made Maths understandable and she was the only maths teacher that ever made me feel like I was doing OK in my work.  I got a C which means I can go to university, thanks Rebecca x"

Matt, Southampton

Dom, Lymington

Lynn, Lyndhurst

Charlotte, Brockenhurst

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